Renewable Energy – What Are The Choices

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When it comes to renewable energy, just how many choices do we have? Plenty. But in today’s context, the most prominent and promising ones would be solar, hydro and wind power. Our world is heading for destruction if it does not hold its reins on fossil fuel consumption. Now, we all know that since such energy is non-renewable, sooner or later, depletion is a certainty. Instead of leaving things to chance, we can always turn our focus to renewable energy solutions.

The sun is a huge reservoir, abundant in energy. Think about it as free energy. We have wasted that for so many centuries. Perhaps it is time now to recoup that by tapping the solar power to meet our energy needs. By using solar energy, we are living green as well. They are used today in solar heating systems, residential solar power systems, solar dryers etc.

Other than being green and renewable, did you know that solar panels are built to last for decades? In fact, most systems can last for up to 30 years. This means that you not only save money and effort on its maintenance, there is hardly any repair needed as well. While it can be costly to install one at home, you will recoup the initial investment overtime.

Wind power is another powerful resource of nature. Since olden days, civilization has made use of it in many ways. Windmills are nothing new and have been used by different countries as a water pump or as other mechanical devices. Today, they are used to convert wind power into electricity. Large wind farms have been built to supply many homes with power. While they do not look aesthetic today, this hiccup can be easily overcome in turn to come and will surely be able to blend well with the landscape.

Hydro energy, the power of running water has been tapped for decades now. This has been used to provide electrical power in automotive and electrical appliances. Dams can often supply enough energy to sustain an entire town or city.

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